Grace in small things #1

It’s Thanksgiving today in the US and I’ve been seeing lots of blog posts and tweets from people writing about what they’re thankful for. I’ve had a really tough year and what I am most thankful for is the overwhelming love and support I have been shown by my friends and family. I’ve been brewing a post about this for a while and so today seemed like a good day to write it. I hadn’t appreciated what a massive task this is; there is so much to say. Then I realised, why should we wait for a specific day to prompt us to give thanks for the good things in our lives? We should be capturing the moments as they happen.

Earlier this week I updated my Facebook status with a list of three things that had made me happy that day. They were simple pleasures: what I was cooking for tea, the thought of what I was going to bake at the weekend (do you detect a theme?) and that the product of a craft workshop I’d been to lately was ready to collect. This reminded me of the weekly Grace in Small Things posts I read on Schmutzie’s blog. Today, I have resolved to start writing my own weekly list of things that make me happy and I’m going to begin on the theme of friendship:

  1. Receiving thoughtful notes in the post that say simply, ‘we’re thinking of you’.
  2. Finding comfort through distraction. When Jem died last week I was beside myself and didn’t want to see anyone, but a friend invited me over and I sat drinking tea and eating biscuits while she got on with some work and occasionally ranted at me about something or other. It was exactly what I needed.
  3. Visitors who will drive for 4 hours or brave seemingly never-ending train journeys just to see me for a few hours.
  4. Bonkers online conversations that make you seriously consider whether you’ve stepped into a parallel universe.

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