Stollen moments

Over the festive period I had fun making stollen. I made three different batches using this basic recipe. Each time however I changed the final construction.

Mmmm, stollen
Mmmm, stollen

For my first batch, which I took into work, I followed the recipe exactly. Basically you create an envelope with the dough and place the marzipan inside.

The second batch I made were for a pre-Christmas gathering at my sister’s house. She doesn’t like marzipan, so I made stollen bites. Half with marzipan. Half without. These didn’t really turn out that well. The marzipan stayed as a hard lump in the middle of each bun.

My final batch (pictured) was, I think, the best. This time I rolled the stollen like a swiss roll which distributed the marzipan evenly throughout. With the marzipan rolled much thinner it almost melted into the dough, which was delicious.

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