Quiff Comp 2014

Friends, it’s nearly time for my favourite event of the year, Quiff Comp. This year’s competition will take place in the week beginning 31 March.

What’s Quiff Comp, you ask? It’s an annual quiff competition I started with some friends on Twitter a couple of years ago. To get an idea of how it works here’s a Storify of the tweets from last year.

Definition of a quiff
Hair brushed upward and backward from the forehead

How to take part
It’s as simple as taking a photo of your quiff and tweeting that picture with the tag #quiffcomp14 plus one of the following category tags:

  • #kidsquiff – for anyone under the age of 18
  • #1timequiff – for anyone sporting a quiff for the sole purpose of taking part in the competition
  • #everydayquiff – for anyone who considers a quiff part of their everyday style

Entries will be taken between 9am on 31 March and 9am on 3 April. All photos must have been taken during this period.

As an example, here’s one of my favourite entries from last year:

Silly faces are optional! And don’t think that you need to have short hair, we’ve seen all sorts in the one time only category.


Judging will take place from midday on 3 April and will remain open for 24 hours. The three categories are voted on by the general public via a series of online polls. This means there can be no accusations of biased judges and that I get to take part too. What I’ve learnt over the past few years running this competition is that campaigning is the key to success.

And that’s it.

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