Grace in Small Things #8

Today seems like a good day to rekindle my series of grace in small things posts. If you’re new to the blog, check out the origins of grace in small things in my first post from this series.

In the last few weeks I have appreciated:

  • blossom and summer flowers
  • making a new friend (who appreciates blossom just as much as I do)
  • discovering and making delicious new recipes
  • meeting a loved one for lunch on a work day
  • drinking Prosecco from a mug on the day my buddy got the keys to her first home

Let me share some of the beautiful flowers I’ve been appreciating.

What are your simple pleasures?

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I am a freelance writer, editor and trainer. A librarian in a former life.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things #8”

  1. Just to say that it is nice to see this theme again. It is a timely reminder of the treasures that surround us. Indeed it is these that give us the spur and strength to face or confront what is far from grace. There is a mood in our culture that needs grace to dispel this mood. Thanks.

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