Grace in small things #6

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write a list of the small things I am thankful for. I could go back and fill in the gaps, but it really would be a long list. So here is just a snap shot from the past few days:

1. This cheerful view from my back step


2. A friend who will check in on you when you’re unwell and make you toast

3. A relaxed day spent with friends who arrive for breakfast and don’t leave until midnight

4. Starting a new book

5. Four day weekends

6. World championship snooker

Grace in small things #4 (festive edition)

  • Spending quality, relaxing time with my close family. Eating, drinking, laughing and playing games.
  • Having pets around the house.
  • Sleeping in and being brought my first cup of tea of the day to drink in bed while reading.
  • Having no plans for a whole day and just seeing where the wind takes me.

This post is part of my attempt to recognise the joy of simple pleasures. Inspired by Schmutzie.

Grace in small things #3

This weekend just gone I returned to Oxford to visit friends from my old hockey club. All of the things on my happy list this week come from this trip:

  • Being welcomed back into a group like you’ve never been away.
  • Playing a competitive hockey match (or two) that challenges your skills and fitness whilst being safe in the knowledge that at the end of the day the result doesn’t matter.
  • Fizzy wine as half-time refreshment *hic*

On the way back I broke my journey with my parents, just so I could get one of my all time favourite things… a hug from my Mum.

This post is part of my attempt to recognise the joy of simple pleasures.

Grace in small things #1

It’s Thanksgiving today in the US and I’ve been seeing lots of blog posts and tweets from people writing about what they’re thankful for. I’ve had a really tough year and what I am most thankful for is the overwhelming love and support I have been shown by my friends and family. I’ve been brewing a post about this for a while and so today seemed like a good day to write it. I hadn’t appreciated what a massive task this is; there is so much to say. Then I realised, why should we wait for a specific day to prompt us to give thanks for the good things in our lives? We should be capturing the moments as they happen.

Earlier this week I updated my Facebook status with a list of three things that had made me happy that day. They were simple pleasures: what I was cooking for tea, the thought of what I was going to bake at the weekend (do you detect a theme?) and that the product of a craft workshop I’d been to lately was ready to collect. This reminded me of the weekly Grace in Small Things posts I read on Schmutzie’s blog. Today, I have resolved to start writing my own weekly list of things that make me happy and I’m going to begin on the theme of friendship:

  1. Receiving thoughtful notes in the post that say simply, ‘we’re thinking of you’.
  2. Finding comfort through distraction. When Jem died last week I was beside myself and didn’t want to see anyone, but a friend invited me over and I sat drinking tea and eating biscuits while she got on with some work and occasionally ranted at me about something or other. It was exactly what I needed.
  3. Visitors who will drive for 4 hours or brave seemingly never-ending train journeys just to see me for a few hours.
  4. Bonkers online conversations that make you seriously consider whether you’ve stepped into a parallel universe.