Adventures in gluten free baking

This weekend I tried gluten free baking for the first time. I needed to make a gluten free cake for an event today, and wanted to do a test run. The advice I had been given was that any recipe that uses standard flour and produces a moist product would work.

For my first attempt I used this recipe for banana muffins. I replaced the self-raising flour with Dove’s gluten and wheat free white self-rasing flour blend. Because I seem never to be able to follow a recipe directly I also added choc chips and chopped nuts. I was really pleased with how the muffins came out. They were moist, even in a smaller fairy cake size, and if you weren’t told I doubt you’d know they were gluten free.

The next task was the cake for today. I chose one of my favourites, coconut and carrot slices. Again I replaced the standard flour with gluten and wheat free blend from Dove’s. It baked exactly as it would normally. I lost a little of the bottom to the cake tin when it turned out, but this gave me the chance to taste it ahead of today’s gathering. It’s bloody good!

So at the end of all this I’d say I can now do gluten free baking. The trick is in selecting the right recipe.