My week in recipes

I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week. During the working week I usually make meals I’m familiar with, where the recipe (or at least my version of it) is in my head. This week however I’ve made a couple of things on top of my meals and also been trying some new recipes based on the ingredients I’ve had in stock.

It all began on Tuesday, I had a couple of lemons that needed to be used in something. At work two colleagues were discussing lemon curd, I’d made it before and knew how easy it was, so decided to give it a go again. Fortuitously in my veg box that day I received a lemon as a freebie, so I was able to use this recipe from the Hairy Bikers and cut the quantities in half.

Homemade lemon curd doesn’t keep as long as the shop bought stuff, so next I needed to make something with lemon curd in it. A quick search found this recipe for Almond and Lemon Curd Biscuits and what better way to pay my colleagues back for putting the thought of lemon curd in my head than to make some biscuits to share? The baking process for this was quite therapeutic. I was amazed that none of them split whilst in the oven and the lemon curd didn’t seep into the biscuit. The hardest thing about these biscuits was deciding whether to eat the lemon curd pocket in your first or last mouthful.

Friday night came round and I had a feast planned. I got a cauliflower in my veg box that was screaming out to be made into aloo gobi. I also had a surfeit of mushrooms so I set out to find a mushroom bhaji recipe. The majority I found were simply onion, mushroom and some pre-made curry paste. I wanted something to make from scratch and eventually found this recipe on foodgeeks. It was divine. Every ingredient came through subtly and it wasn’t too wet, even though I added a few extra tablespoons of water then the recipe required.

Finally to round up the week I’ve made Lamb Sausages in Proscuitto for my tea today. I’ve just taken the sausages from this recipe and I’m going to have them with roast potatoes and turnips (the remaining vegetables from my weekly box). I’ve also substituted the proscuitto for pancetta simply because that’s all I could get hold of. The sausages are currently sitting in the fridge waiting to be cooked. I’ll update the post with my verdict later on.