Ginger beer scones

One of the tea houses in Newcastle (yes, we’re lucky enough to have more than one place dedicated to selling a wide variety of teas) offers an array of interesting and delicious cakes. On one occasion I saw they had ginger beer scones and from that moment on was possessed with a desire to try making them. I found this Dan Lepard recipe and last night finally gave it a go.

Oh. My. God. They are brilliant. And I’m not just saying that because I baked them. Two independent tasters have said that they are the best scones they’ve ever had. EVER!

They’re much lighter than regular scones, but somehow more dense and less cakey. My mixture came out a little wet and so I added around 25-35g more flour. As I was falling asleep I realised why this was – I added some of the syrup from the stem ginger as I was spooning it in. This is not a bad thing. I think it helped to intensify the ginger flavour. So I’ll be modifying the recipe to include this.

I’ve also got an idea for how to modify the recipe to create similarly light and less cakey plain scones. So watch this space.