Yorkshire Pudding

A good Yorkshire pudding is one of the world’s finest foods. A bad Yorkshire pudding is a crime. It is one of the simplest things to cook, yet so many people are scared of it. Personal I love making yorkshire pudding, and if I may say so, I think I’m rather good at it. My secret: make it in a muffin tin. Are you wondering where I’m going with this? Me too.

I was visiting a friend earlier in the year who was practicing the meal she was cooking for Burns Night: haggis ravioli. She was having doubts about whether it would work and so I tried to come up with some alternatives. In doing so I got stuck on the idea of haggis Yorkshire pudding. Basically you’d take the same filling used for the ravioli, but bake it within a Yorkshire pudding. Genius!

Haggis Yorkshire pudding

And now we get to the point… I tried making haggis Yorkshire pudding this weekend. And, it was a success. I used the method my Mum uses for her vegetarian toad in the hole that has a filling of lentil and mushroom: batter then filling. I made two versions, one with just haggis and one where I mixed the haggis with mashed swede and carrot.

The verdict from my external assessor (or guinea pig) was that they were both good but the haggis/swede/carrot version was the best. I have to agree but I think that what I really learned from this experiment was that personally I prefer my Yorkshire pudding unadulterated.